Hey Guys! I’m Kelsey!!

Let's start with what I love! Game of Thrones is my all time favorite show, I could totally rock a Disney music quiz, and I’m always down for a game night! Settlers of Catan anyone? Target is my love language, Halloween is my favorite Holiday (I love to DIY my costumes), and if you asked me to choose between Parks and Rec and the Office, Parks and Rec would win hands down! I do love them both though! ;)

A little about me and the heart behind the experience we'll have together!

I’m a professional words of affirmation giver and totally fine with making a fool of myself to make others feel more comfortable – hence the awkward dancing! I’m not fancy, I would choose my high top converse over high heels any day. I LIVE in flannel PJ pants and my hair is 98% dry shampoo. I’m usually a hot mess but I feel no shame – because in reality aren’t most people?!

I am who I am and don’t want to portray anything different! I love hard and want to capture something for you to treasure long after our time together! Whether it’s grandma getting down on the dance floor, your dad ugly crying as you walk down the aisle or your person holding you close. I’m here for YOUR moments and that’s what truly matters!

When you work with me it’s going to be full of heart, focused on the feels and 100% me!


A Few Important Things!


All love is welcome here, whatever that may look like!

A Few Important Things!


We may just have a dance party at your session! I always bring a speaker and you better bet it’s jammin'! Don’t worry, you can pick the music! ;) But for real, having music playing helps you guys relax and get comfortable. Plus I dance a lot and that's guaranteed to make you laugh!

A Few Important Things!


YOUR story is why I’m here. It’s not about me. It’s about YOU! These are YOUR memories, these are YOUR moments and that’s what truly matters. I care deeply that you’re taken care of through this entire process and beyond. So let's make magic together and capture something rad that'll give you all the feels for decades!

A Few Important Things!


I pinky promise to NEVER ask you to fake laugh! Only gut busting, make you cry and almost pee your pants, genuine belly laughs allowed! Seriously though, fake laughs are not my game. I want you to feel joy when you look at your photos and relive the moments that made you crack up with your person! That’s something that doesn’t come from a fake laugh. I may however ask you to lick each other’s faces, which sounds weird but that’s the kind of thing that gets a genuine reaction!

A Few Important Things!


Memories lose their edges over time and one of the best days of your lives shouldn’t be forgotten! Photos exist for a reason, to relive and remember a day that’s past and it’s my job to capture everything that day held! It's important to me to not only capture all the details and all the love, but also the feeling of the day through photographs. How it felt for you guys in that moment surrounded by your favorite people in the world!
★ ★ ★ ★ ★

"This was so much fun! Kelsey is laid back and so easy to work with! Our chill, at home shoot was perfect— I loved being able to sit back and let her work her magic!"

- Kelsi and Jordan